Five Thimbles, A Tennessee childhood memoir, Paula Grizzell DeMarini

About the book

Five Thimbles
Paula Grizzell DeMarini
ISBN 978-0-615-37316-4 | 216 pages | $14 U.S. MSRP (paperback)

Five ThimblesPaula's fascinating childhood story is one of survival in East Tennessee between 1952 and 1970. It is the first-hand, true account of five siblings living with none of the things most other kids had: a bike, a real bed or a place to call home. Facing one eviction after another, Paula and her family lived at twenty-five locations in her first eighteen years.

Despite an absentee husband, we read how Paula's mother nurtures one child through serious illness, and secures Paula's own well-being after she was abducted as a young teenager. Incredibly, Five Thimbles shows us how happiness can grow, even without putting down roots.


Author, Paula Grizzell DeMarini Paula Grizzell DeMarini lives with her husband in Atlanta, GA, and has two children. She has worked as a chemotherapist and pharmaceutical sales representative and is currently a physician liaison at a leading Atlanta hospital. Her husband is a physician in pulmonary and critical care medicine. This is her first published book.